Reality TV, a joint venture between UPCtv and Zone Vision, will begin broadcast on the Polsat digital platform in Poland at the end of August.

The theme channel, launched in December 1999, now claims 5.2 million subscribers in 11 countries in Europe.

The 18-hour daily schedule will include three new Reality TV programs: “Busted on the Job” (hidden cameras at work); “Paranormal Borderlines” (featuring alien abductees, mediums and ghost-hunters); and “Special Babies” (behind the scenes of pediatrics).

Zone Vision, a London-based distributor and producer of thematic channels, which got its start in Poland a decade ago, will also introduce the Discovery channel on the Polsat platform. The two channels are the first that Zone Vision has negotiated with Polsat’s platform.

Reality TV is also scheduled to launch in Switzerland, Russia, Slovenia, and the Baltic States.