Just taps Taylor CEO

New boss has "Butt-Ugly" plans

The Just Group, a U.K.-based corporation that produces animated TV series and videos and publishes children’s books, has named Loren Taylor as its CEO North America, a newly created post.

Taylor, 46, said one of his first priorities is to find a U.S. buyer for “Butt-Ugly Martians,” a 26-episode animated action comedy that has just begun production in Los Angeles; show has won a commitment from CITV in England. He said he’ll start serious talks with American networks when he gets his hands on the first half-hour episode of “Butt-Ugly,” probably in late August.

Just has already engineered a U.S. deal for “The Jelly Telly Show,” a daily half-hour morning series aimed at preschoolers, which kicks off in early October on Fox Family Channel for an exclusive 15-month window.

Since 1993, Taylor has run his own consulting company, working with such firms as Hasbro, Mattel and Fisher-Price. Before that, he did stints in marketing, product development, licensing and sales for such companies as Tyco, LJN Toys (a division of MCA/Universal), Applause (which made the Smurfs toys) and Mattel.