Inside Move: Roseanne tries divorce

Divorced couples to compete for property, diva to arbitrate

Fresh off her ill-fated King World gabfest, upcoming Gear magazine centerfold Roseanne is hoping to make another go at the world of firstrun syndication.

Sources say Roseanne, manager Jeff Wald and William Morris execs are meeting with station group and studio execs to pitch a gameshow that might be described as a cross between “Divorce Court” and “Let’s Make a Deal.”

In the pitch, Roseanne — no stranger to divorce court herself — acts as an arbitrator for married couples who have already decided to break up. Contestants play games to decide who gets property such as Laker tickets or the family car.

Fox has the similarly themed special “Divorce Me!” in the works for next season.

Since “The Roseanne Show” ceased production earlier this year, the TV diva has kept busy with her Web site RoseanneWorld.com and recently co-hosted “Live! With Regis.”