France has ‘Greed’-like ‘Mission’

Contestants on M6 prog. can win a million francs daily

PARIS — The French held out longer than many other countries to the lure of the reality format. Now it’s all the rage and the latest network to come on board is M6, with “Mission: 1 Million,” based on the American show “Greed.”

M6 is playing coy and building up the suspense for the launching, saying only that the new program is to be broadcast “soon, in the timeslot ahead of the evening news.” M6 said the new format involves “tactics and strategy, with contestants able to win a million francs ($130,000) each day.”

The network refused to reveal the budget for the show.

Private webs get real

Michele Cotta, head of pubcaster France 2, thumbed her nose at the reality fad, saying such shows involve “the exploitation of violence, money and unbridled competition.” But the private stations don’t share her views: They are revved up for a fight to the finish over the formats.

TF1 has acquired the rights to “Survivor” and has a big hit with the French version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”

M6 chief Nicolas de Tavernost has already revealed that the channel will air a “Millionaire” takeoff, following TF1’s summer success.