‘First Date’ hooks up with KCAL

New Line finalizes on 55% of nation

KCAL Los Angeles has acquired New Line’s upcoming relationship strip “First Date” and is expected to slide the series into its 4 p.m. slot as the station preps its fall lineup.

KCAL’s other freshman pickups, Pearson’s “To Tell the Truth” and “Judgment Day,” are still awaiting their timeslots, although “Truth” could land in an early fringe zone.

New Line has also finalized the show’s clearances on KNWS Houston, and WMOR Tampa Bay, bringing the clearance rate up to 55% of the country. Series is still shopping for a home in Gotham but previously found one in Chicago on WPRW.

Meanwhile, New Line has inked carriage deals with KBHK San Francisco, WCVB Boston and WBDC in Washington, D.C., among others, for weekly actioner “Matthew Blackheart: Monster Smasher,” bringing its clearance rate up to 60%.