‘Cinematherapy’ on couch

Stern to oversee Romance push

Chuck Dolan’s Romance Classics cable network has decided to have some fun with its programming lineup of theatrical movies: The new umbrella concept of “Cinematherapy” will link the content of scheduled movies to womens’s moods in various dayparts.

“We’re creating a romance zone, like ESPN’s sports zone,” says Marty von Ruden, senior VP and G.M. of Romance Classics. The network has scratched out only 20 million cable and satellite homes since it opened for business in January 1997, so the goal of Cinematherapy is to get the industry talking about Romance Classics.

Exec producer tapped

Von Ruden has signed a deal with Nancy Stern, a veteran production executive (“Daytime Emmy Awards,” “All My Children”), who’ll be executive producer of Cinematherapy. Two on-air hosts will provide the wraparounds to the movies, drawing on the advice of Nancy Peske and Beverly West, co-authors of a 1999 Dell book, “Cinematherapy: The Girl’s Guide to Movies for Every Mood.”

Some of the Cinematherapy topics for February include Neurotics Night (“Manhattan Murder Mystery”), Working Girl Blues (“His Girl Friday”), Men Behaving Badly (“Love at First Bite”), Women Behaving Badly (“Twelfth Night”) and Straining to Hear Your Inner Voice (“Sabrina,” with Audrey Hepburn).