Jerry Moon, who has spent 30 years directing traffic and security operations for the annual Academy Awards shows, is retiring.

Since 1971, he has coordinated all police, fire and traffic control and private security activities associated with the Academy Awards ceremonies.

“It’s been a good, long, safe and secure run,” said Bruce Davis, exec director of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Davis said Moon’s successor will come from “an excellent pool of candidates with major experience with the awards security operation.”

Moon retired from a security job at Disney in 1988 and has been living in Dana Point, a long trek from Hollywood.

“It’s time,” Moon said. “Thirty years is long enough. I’ve been noticing an increasing reluctance on my part to make my way up to Beverly Hills for meetings and to downtown Los Angeles for the show. And the show gets bigger and bigger each year, and demands more and more attention.”

Before joining Disney, Moon spent 21 years with the Los Angeles Police Department, reaching the rank of detective sergeant.

Despite a detailed knowledge of each Oscar venue, Moon has never actually watched any of the festivities live.

“Maybe they’ll let me sit in the audience next year,” Moon said. “That would certainly be a treat.”