Stars at Mars bars

Kilmer & Co. go spacey at preem

Following Monday’s Village Theater preem of “Red Planet,” guests gravitated to Eurochow where star Val Kilmer said the Mars road trip pic “captures the subtle aspects of the genuine reality of space,” while producer Mark Canton called it “a popcorn movie that’s also very smart about issues we face in the world.”

Director Antony Hoffman said he didn’t want “Planet’s” massive number of special effects “to overwhelm the drama and the story telling.” However, co-star Simon Baker said his one word description of the film would be: “large.”

“It wasn’t so large when we were doing it,” Baker said. “The largeness happens afterward.”

Baker said the film’s large look came at a price. “I don’t think the director could buy an ice cream without it being expensive,” said the co-star. “He’s got expensive taste.”

Among those onboard for the mission to Mars were Warner’s Barry Meyer, Alan Horn, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Dan Fellman, George Jones and Dan Romanelli; stars Carrie-Anne Moss, Tom Sizemore and Benjamin Bratt (who won the war of the red carpet by arriving with Julia Roberts); guests included Dennis Hopper, Brad Krevoy, Joel and Karyn Silver, Billy Rose and Kristen Wilson.