Demos’ wild party

Washington politicos partake in H'wood revelry

Weekend signs of conventioning Democrats invading L.A. ranged from George Stephenapoulos stretching sweatily in a Westside yoga class to Beverly Hills taxicabs performing a distinctly Washington-style function — ferrying drunken, potbellied lobbyists from party to party.

Certainly there were enough parties to be ferried to: More than 40 events were held on Sunday alone — more than enough to make local caterers ecstatic.

“This is the millennium party L.A. never had,” said Ambrosia Prods.’ Carl Bendix. “The city is truly alive.”

Being alive Saturday meant meeting with Hugh Hefner, who invited the press over to the Playboy Mansion. The main topic, of course, was the plug being pulled on Rep. Loretta Sanchez’s event that had been scheduled for the same turf.

To news crew after news crew, the Playboy topper expressed how “shocked and surprised” he was by the cancellation.

Elsewhere in a crowd that included Bryant Gumbel, Jeremy Barber, KRLA’s Michael Jackson, Theodore Bikel, Stanley Sheinbaum and Arianna Huffington, Bill Maher said what he’d learned from this political season is: “I’d rather party with Democrats than Republicans, but only marginally.”

He might have been speaking of Sunday morning’s “Breakfast With the Cabinet” event in a Casa del Mar conference room. Surely the very definition of anonymity is being secretary of education and visiting Hollywood.

The event’s high point came when President Clinton gave a hint as to what his convention speech would be like. He quoted Tina Turner, who once said: “I’ve been singing ‘Proud Mary’ for 25 years, and it gets better every time.” The president added, “There won’t be any surprises in my speech.”

Though there were many more events that day, the overall theme was expressed by Paula Poundstone at the People for the American Way’s reception at the BevHilton.

“I’m milling aimlessly looking for an education,” said the comedienne. Welcome to the party.

Forget about who might end up in the White House next January. Here’s the real competition on everyone’s mind at the Democratic National Convention: Who won “Survivor”?

Forget about the speech, first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, like 28 million Americans, had another question on her mind. She questioned CBS topper Leslie Moonves at a Democratic gathering Sunday night: “All right, who won ‘Survivor?’ ”

Moonves politely declined to answer.

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