Collins wins lawsuit but loses PR war

Pop star victorious in overpaid royalties case

LONDON — Phil Collins won a controversial suit against two members of his former backing band in the U.K.’s high court Wednesday.

The Oscar-winning multimillionaire pop star had taken action against Louis Satterfield and Rahmlee Davis — once part of Earth, Wind & Fire — to recoup $390,000 in overpaid royalties.

While the judge ruled in Collins’ favor, he criticized the singer’s company for having mishandled the affair, which in his view should never have come to court.

Justice Jonathan Parker said Satterfield and Davis — who claim to be reliant on royalties from their work with Collins — would not be expected to pay back any money, and halved the amount Collins was demanding. He added that it was unlikely that any future royalties for the duo would cover the award.

For Collins, the case has become a public relations disaster. Not only had his people made the accounting error resulting in the overpayment, but friendly approaches from Satterfield and Davis were left unanswered.