Quincy Jones Media Group and Gerber Pictures are teaming to produce what is known as the “untitled Looney Tunes car project.” Outing is Warner Bros. Animation’s first feature foray into the Looney Tunes character library since the 1996 blockbuster “Space Jam.”

Ken Kaufman, co-scribe of Warner Bros.’ “Space Cowboys,” is penning the script.

Exact nature of the Looney Tunes project is being kept under wraps. As with the Michael Jordan-starrer “Space Jam,” however, the film will combine Looney Tunes characters, who include icons such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig, with live-action sequences.

Quincy Jones president Joel Simon and Gerber principal Billy Gerber will produce the film. Quincy Jones VP Jill Tanner brought Kaufman onto the project.

The Warners execs on the project are Jeff Robinov, senior veep production, and creative exec Aditya Sood.

Kaufman also penned “What’s Up Bugs?,” a project that was in development at Warners prior to “Space Jam” and followed the adventures of Bugs Bunny as a dissipated star who lives in Beverly Hills and faces a hunter when he tries to return to his roots in the wild.