Ryan runs for ‘Borders’

Stone to direct, Costner to co-star

Meg Ryan has committed to star in Mandalay Pictures’ “Beyond Borders,” directed by Oliver Stone. The star had been considering an offer to topline Par-based CW Prods.’ thriller “Criminal Conversation.”

With the addition of Ryan, the international relief worker romance starring Kevin Costner and penned by Caspian Tredwell-Owen is set to go before cameras in early October. Pic will be produced by Stone and Dan Halsted.

“Borders,” true to its name, will be shot in the U.K., Northern Africa and South East Asia.

The “Dr. Zhivago”-like storyline concerns a medical student (Costner) who finds his calling as an international disaster relief worker. When he crosses paths with a well-heeled socialite (Ryan) in a troubled marriage, they begin a love affair set against the world’s various flashpoints, spanning both years and continents.

Pic had been beset by several false starts, with one-time co-star Catherine Zeta-Jones dropping out due to pregnancy and the now-secured Costner briefly considering other projects.

Ryan was repped by ICM.