Palm Springs fest to host cinematography event

Bailey, Kemper to speak

The 11th annual Nortel Networks Palm Springs Intl. Film Festival will host Cinematographer’s Day 2000, a three-day conference dedicated to the art and technology of cinematography.

“We believe that ours is the first international film festival to cultivate cinematography with the idea of assuring that technology is in the hands of artists who create indelible visual images,” said event co-chairman and fest executive board member David B. Kaminsky.

Celebrating its second year, Cinematographer’s Day will host several instructional seminars, panels and special screenings. Other highlights will include a keynote address by John Bailey; remarks by Victor Kemper, prexy of the American Society of Cinematographers; and the presentation by Lynn Redgrave of the DaVinci Award, which recognizes excellence in the field.

The winner of the DaVinci will be selected by members of the international cinematography community, whose voting eligibility is not dependent on organization affiliation or membership.

The three finalists’ films will be screened on Jan. 14: Janusz Kaminski, “Saving Private Ryan” (USA), Gernot Roll, “The Great Bagarozy” (Germany); and Dirk Bruel, “The Magnetist’s Fifth Winter” (Denmark).

The seminar roster includes one Jan. 15 on Dogma 95, moderated by Monty Rowan and Alar Kivilo. Panelists will include Anthony Dod Mantle, Soren Kragh-Jacobsen, Thomas Vinterberg (pending), Hector Babenco, Lauro Escorel, Benedict Neuenfels, Changwei Gu, Jean-Marc Barr and Zhang Yimou (pending).

“The Collaborative Relationship of the Cinematographer and Director” will be moderated by Irvin Kershner. Panelists will include Raoul Coutard, John Alonzo, Vilmos Zsigmond, Conrad Hall, Jost Vacano, Anette Haellmigk, Todd McCarthy and Claudia Florio (Jan. 15).

An informal seminar Jan. 16 on digital cinema, moderated by Paramount Studios’ Garrett Smith, will explore all facets of digital filmmaking from participation to projection. Participants include John Alono (“Chinatown”) and Laszlo Kovacs (“Easy Rider”).

Fest will be held Jan. 13-24 with screenings of more than 130 films from 40 countries. New to the fest this year is the Palm Springs Festival of Arts Theater complex, which houses state-of-the-art screening facilities. For tickets or info, call (760) 322-2930 or visit Cinematographersday.com.