Fox sets ‘Digimon’ pic

Saban pic destined to hit theaters October 6

Twentieth Century Fox said it will release “Digimon: The Movie,” based on the television series which has been a hit for the Fox Kids Network, on October 6.

The TV show, from Japan’s Toei Animation and aimed at kids 10 and under, has been a “Pokemon”-like phenomenon of tie-ins with toys, clothes and trading cards.

“Digimon: The Movie” centers around eight kids who befriend an array of friendly “digital monsters” (hence the title). Together the kids and creatures defend the mystical digital world from a gathering darkness. The film includes story elements linking the first and second seasons of the TV show.

Saban Entertainment is the producer of the TV series and the film for the U.S. market, handling the dubbing and editing.

The studio said the 80- to 90-minute film, an amalgam of two films previously released in Japan, will have “more lush and detailed animation than seen in the series,” as well as “more detailed characterizations and expansive storylines.”

The latest film from Fox’s own animation studio, “Titan A.E.,” a sci-fi pic aimed at older kids and teens, opens Friday.