Foreign-lingo entries from around the world

47 entries vie for recognition

The following dossier includes information on all 47 submissions for the foreign-language film Oscar.



Director: Manuel Garcia Ferre

Producer: Carlos Luis Mentasti

Production company: Garcia Ferre Entertainment in association with Telefe

Distributor: Columbia (Argentina)

Voices: Pelusa Suero, Rosario Sanchez Almada

Festivals and awards: Puerto Rico Film Festival entry

World sales: Patricio Gandolfo, 54-11-4-943-1404


Northern Skirts (Nordrand)

Synopsis: Set in contemporary Vienna; a young ethnically and socially mixed group meets and tries to support each other as they pursue their dreams.

Director: Barbara Albert

Producers: Erich Lackner, Martin Hagemann, Rolf Schmid

Production companies: Lotus-Film, Zero Film, FAMA Film

Distributors: Polyfilm (Austria), FAMA Film (Switzerland)

Cast: Nina Proll, Edita Malovcic, Tudor Chirila

Festivals and awards: Venice, M. Mastroianni Award (Nina Proll); Toronto; Pusan; Stockholm; Thessaloniki; HOF; Viennale, Vienna Film Awards; and FIPRESCI Award

World sales: First Hand Films, phone: (411) 862-2106 fax: (411) 862-2146



Synopsis: A 17-year-old girl living in a trailer park in Belgium becomes obsessed with finding a job and having a normal life.

Directors: Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre Dardenne

Producers: Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Michel Petin, Laurent Petin

Production companies: Les Films du Fleuve, RTBF, ARP Selection

Distributor: USA Films

Cast: Emilie Dequenne, Fabrizio Rongione, Anne Yernaux, Olivier Gourmet

Festivals and awards: Cannes, Palme d’Or, actress (Emilie Dequenne);Toronto; New York


The Cup (Phorpa)

Synopsis: Barely contained excitement over the ’94 World Cup unsettles a Tibetan monastery for boys.

Director: Khyentse Norbu

Producers: Malcolm Watson, Raymond Steiner

Production company: Palm Pictures

Distributor: Fine Line Features

Cast: Orgyen Tobgyal, Neten Chokling, Jamyang Lodro, Lama Chonjor, Godu Lama

Festivals and awards: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver



Synopsis: A retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Euridice set among the pageantry of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival and the poverty of the city’s favelas (slums).

Director: Carlos Diegues

Producers: Paula Lavigne, Renata Almeida Magalhaes

Production company: Rio Vermelho Filmes

Distributors: Colifilms Distribution (France), Warner Bros. (U.S.)

Cast: Toni Garrido, Patricia Franca, Murilo Benicio, Maria Ceica, Zeze Motta

Festivals and awards: Telluride, Toronto

World sales: Warner Bros., phone: (818) 954-6141 fax: (818) 954-8443


Set Me Free (Emporte-moi)

Synopsis: Portrait of a young Quebec girl’s coming of age, set in the early ’67s.

Director: Lea Pool

Producers: Louis Laverdiere (exec), Lorraine Richard, Alfi Sinniger, Carole Scotta

Production companies: Cite-Amerique, Catpics Coproductions, Haut et Court

Distributor: Compagnie France Film (Canada)

Cast: Karine Vanasse, Miki Manojlovic, Pascale Bussierres, Nancy Huston

Festivals and awards: Berlin; Namur; Toronto, best Canadian feature, best Canadian first feature (Karine Vanasse)

World sales: TF1 Intl., phone: (33 1) 414-125-72 fax: (33 1) 414-131-76


Lover’s Grief Over the Yellow River

Synopsis: An American soldier establishes trust and friendship with a group of Chinese people at the end of WWII.

Director: Feng Xiao Ning

Producer: Yang Yu Bing

Production company: Shanghai Paradise Film & TV

Distributor: Shanghai Paradise Film & TV

Cast: Ning Jing, Paul Kersey

Festivals and awards: Chinese Golden Rooster award

World sales: Shanghai Paradise Film & TV, phone: (86 21) 647-189-49 fax: (86 21) 647-189-58


Time Out (Golpe de estadio)

Synopsis: The 1994 World Cup serves as the springboard for a light-hearted commentary on South America’s most enduring armed conflict, between the mountain guerillas and National Army of Columbia.

Director: Sergio Cabrera

Producers: Marianella Cabrera (exec), Gerardo Herrero, Sandro Silvestri, Maura Vespini

Production companies: Tornasol Films, Emme

Distributor: ICAA (Spain-based)

Cast: Emma Suarez, Cesar Mora, Nicholas Montero, Flavio Caballero

Festivals and awards: Toronto

World sales: Tornasol Films, phone: (34 91) 542-9564 fax: (34 91) 542-8710


Red Dust (Crvena Prasina)

Synopsis: A teenage boy idolizes a local boxer.

Director: Zrinko Ogresta

Producer: Ivan Maloca

Production companies: Interfilm-Zagreb, Croatian Television

Distributor: Blitz Film & Video (Croatia)

Cast: Josip Kucan, Marko Matanovic, Ivo Gregurevic, Slaven Knezovic, Mirta Takac

Festivals and awards: Mostra; Haifa, Golden Anchor; Flagstaff, foreign-language film; MedFilm

World sales: Interfilm-Zagreb, phone: 385-146-672-90 fax: 385-146-665-96


Return of the Idiot (Navrat Idiota)

Synopsis: A young man recently released from a psychiatric hospital arrives among distant relatives and through his simple ways unsettles everyone around him.

Director: Sasa Gedeon

Producer: Petr Oukropec

Production company: Negativ

Distributor: Cinemart (Czech Republic)

Cast: Pavel Liska, Tatiana Vilhelmiva, Anna Geislerova

Festivals and awards: Toronto; Montreal; Sao Paolo, Jury Prize; Thessaloniki, Special Prize; Cottbus, Audience Prize

World sales: Negativ, phone: (420 2) 573-250-41 fax: (420 2) 573-250-40


Mifune (Mifunes Sidste Sang)

Synopsis: The latest Dogma 95 variation investigates a yuppie, his mentally disabled brother and a seductive domestic.

Director: Soren Kragh-Jacobsen

Producers: Birgitte Hald, Morten Kaufman

Production company: Nimbus Film II

Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics

Cast: Anders Berthelsen, Iben Hjejle, Jesper Asholt, Sofie Grabol

Festivals and awards: Berlin, Silver Bear (Special Jury Prize); Sochi; Durban; Haugesund, best Nordic film; Motovun; Los Angeles Intl., European Film Award; Camerimage; New Delhi, Lubeck (Baltic Prize)

World sales: Trust Film Sales, phone: 453-686-8788 fax: 453-677-4448


The Tough Ones (Hajyt)

Synopsis: Recently released from prison, two ex-bank robbers are tempted by a life of crime despite the efforts of their former partner, now a lawyer.

Director: Aleksi Makela

Producer: Markus Selin

Production companies: Finnish Broadcasting Co., Solar Films

Distributor: Buena Vista Intl. (U.S.)

Cast: Samuli Edelmann, Juha Veijonen

Festivals and awards: Lubeck, Interfilm Award


East-West (Est-Ouest)

Synopsis: 1946; an invitation from Stalin offering Russians living in the West a chance to return home and help build a new Soviet Union is not all it seems.

Director: Regis Wargnier

Producers: Yves Marmion (exec), Ogpr Tolstunov

Production companies: UGC YM, CNC, Le Studio Canal Plus, NTV-Profit, Gala Films, France 3 Cinema

Distributors: UGC-Fox Distribution (France), Sony Pictures Classics (U.S.)

Cast: Sandrine Bonnaire, Oleg Menshikov, Catherine Deneuve, Sergei Bodrov Jr., Ruben Tupiero, Erwan Baynaud, Grigori Manukov, Tatyana Dogileva, Bogdan Stupka

Festivals: Locarno, Toronto, Mar del Plata


Here Comes the Dawn (Ak Tendeba)

Synopsis: A powerful statesman leaves it all behind when he runs away with his sick baby.

Director: Zaza Urushadze

Producer: Revaz Chkheidze

Production company: Georgia Films

Distributor: Georgia Films

Cast: Zurab Begalishvili, Guram Pirtskhalava, Nino Lezhava, Nino Koberidze

Festivals and awards: Alma-Ata, screenplay; Montpellier

World sales: Selesta, phone-fax: (70 95) 420-3891


Aimee & Jaguar (Aimee und Jaguar)

Synopsis: Two desperate and courageous women trapped in Berlin at the close of WWII share a forbidden love, and must contend with the Gestapo.

Director: Max Farberbock

Producer: Hanno Huth, Gunter Rohrbach

Production company: Senator Film Produktion

Distributor: Senator Film (Germany)

Cast: Maria Schrader, Juliane Kohler, Johanna Wokalek, Heike Makatsch, Elisabeth Degen, Detlev Buck

Festivals and awards: Bavarian Film Award, actress (Kohler, Schrader), direction (Max Farberbock); Berlin, Silver Bear (Kohler, Schrader)

World sales: Senator Film, phone: (49) 308-809-1756


From the Edge of the City (Apo tin akri tis polis)

Synopsis: The lives of a group of young Greek-Russians living in a poor Athens neighborhood crumble as they attempt to overcome their ruthless environment.

Director: Constantinos Giannaris

Producers: Dionyssis Samiotis, Anastasios Vassiliou

Production company: Greek Film Centre

Cast: Stathis Papadopoulos, Dimitris Papoulidis, Theodora Tzimou

Festivals and awards: Berlin, Istanbul, Ankara, Stuttgart, Sydney, Pesaro, Jerusalem, Edinburgh, Helsinki, Toronto, Flanders, Chicago, Valencia, Pusan, Montpellier, Stockholm

World sales: Greek Film Centre, phone: (01) 363-4586


Ordinary Heroes (Qian yan wan yu)

Synopsis: The story of social protesters in Hong Kong throughout the 1980s.

Director: Ann Hui

Producer: Ann Hui

Production company: Class Limited

Distributor: None as yet

Cast: Rachel Lee, Anthony Wong, Lee Kang-Sheng, Tse Kwan-Ho

Festivals and awards: Berlin, London, Montreal

World sales: Class Limited, phone: (852) 2302 1662 fax: (852) 2376 1300


The Lord’s Lantern in Budapest (Nekem lampast adott kezembe az ur pesten)

Synopsis: Episodes in the lives of a pair of street-savvy gravediggers.

Director: Miklos Jancso

Producer: Jozsef Bojte

Production company: Kreativ Media Muhely

Cast: Zoltan Mucsi, Peter Scherer, Miklos Jancso, Gyula Hernadi, Emese Vasvari, Virag Csapo

Festivals and awards: Berlin, Karlovy Vary, Moscow, Jerusalem, Montreal, Bitola, Tallin, Trieste

World sales: Hungarofilm, phone: (361) 332-8729 fax: (361) 353-1317


The Honour of the House (Ungfruin goda og husid)

Synopsis: The tale of two sisters living in a family strictly motivated by pride and honor.

Director: Gudny Hallsdorsdottir

Producers: Halldor Thorgeirsson, Snorri Thorisson, Erik Crone, Christer Nilson

Production companies: Umbifilm, Pegasus, Nordisk Film Prods., Gota Films

Distributor: Nordisk Film Intl.

Cast: Ragnhildur Gisladottir, Tinna Gunnlaugsdottir, Egill Olaffsson, Rurik Haraldsson, Agneta Ekmanner, Rene Brynjohsson


Earth (1947: Earth)

Synopsis: Depicts the lives, loves and religious feuds of a group of working-class friends living in the city of Lahore before and after the partitioning of India and Pakistan.

Director: Deepa Mehta

Producers: David Hamilton (exec), Jhamu Sughand (exec), Anne Masson, Dilip Mehta, Deepa Mehta

Production companies: Cracking the Earth Films , Goldwyn Films

Distributors: Friends India (India), Zeitgeist Films (U.S.)

Cast: Nandita Das, Kitu Gidwani, Aamir Khan, Rahil Khanna, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Eric Peterson, Maaia Sethna, Raghubir Yadav, Arif Zakaria

Festivals and awards: Toronto 1998, Seattle, Karlovy Vary, Melbourne, Auckland



Synopsis: Drama of a young wife’s devotion to her dying husband

Director: Marselli Sumarno

Producers: Kemala Atmojo, Moetaryanto, Maselli Sumarno

Cast: Rina Ariyant, ARM. Ronosuripto, Sardono W. Kusumo

Festvals and Awards: Pusan


The Colours of Paradise (Rang-e Khoda)

Synopsis: A spirited young blind boy is a burden to his father, who seeks to remarry and start a new life.

Director: Majid Majidi

Producer: Mehdi Karimi

Production company: Varahonar Film

Cast: Mohsen Ramezani, Hossein Mahjub, Salime Feizi, Elham Sharifi, Farahnaz Safari

Festivals and awards: Fajr; Gijon, Special Jury Award; Montreal, Grand Prix des Ameriques; Toronto

World sales: Varahonar Film, phone: (98 21) 800-0345 fax: (98 21) 802-8853


Yana’s Friend (Hachaverim Shel Yana)

Synopsis: Three parallel stories of immigrants in Tel Aviv during the Gulf War about coming together while sealed in a room during Scud missile attacks.

Director: Arik Kaplun

Producers: Moshe Levinson, Uri Sabag, Anant Bikel, Marek Rozenbaum

Production companies: Transfax Films, Paralite Prods.

Distributor: Transfax Films (Israel)

Cast: Evelyn Kaplun, Nir Levi, Shmil Ben-Ari

Festivals and awards: Israeli Film Academy Awards, cinematography, director, editing, film, screenplay; Jerusalem, best Israeli feature; Karlovy Vary, actress (Kaplun); Toronto

World sales: Transfax, phone: (972 3) 566 1484, fax: (972 3) 566 1450


Not of This World (Fuori dal mondo)

Synopsis: The lives of three strangers are forever changed when a baby wrapped in a sweater is found in a park.

Director: Giuseppe Piccioni

Producer: Lionello Cerri

Production company: Lumiere & Co.

Distributor: Entertech (U.S.)

Cast: Margherita Buy, Silvio Orlando, Carolina Freschi

Festivals and awards: David di Donatello Awards, film, screenplay, actress, producer; Montreal, Special Jury Prize; AFI, Grand Jury Prize, Audience Award; Chicago, Silver Hugo

World sales: Intrafilms, phone: (39 6) 807-7252 fax: (39 6) 807-6156


Railroad Man (Poppoya)

Synopsis: A miracle in the life of a lonely stationmaster.

Director: Yasuo Furuhata

Producer: Sunao Sakagami

Production company: Toei

Distributor: Toei

Cast: Ken Takakura, Shinobu Otake, Ryoko Hirosue

Festivals and awards: Montreal, actor (Ken Takakura); Pusan; Shanghai

World sales: Toei, phone: (81 3) 3535-7621 fax: (81 3) 3535-7622


Around the Pink House (Autour de la maison rose)

Synopsis: A local battle erupts when an old mansion is transformed into a commercial center.

Directors: Khalil Joreige, Joana Hadjithomas

Producers: Anne-Cecile Berthomeau, Edouard Mauriat

Production company: Mille et Une Prods.

Distributor: 7e Art (Canada)

Cast: Mireilla Safa, Joseoh Bou Nassar, Hanane Abboud, Maurice Maalouf, Zeina Saab de Melero, Asma Andraos

Festivals and awards: Montreal

World sales: Mille et Une Prods., phone: (331) 477-794-479 fax: (331) 477-044-71


No One Writes to the Colonel (El Coronel no tiene quien le escriba)

Synopsis: An old man blindly waits for the military pension he was promised.

Director: Arturo Ripstein

Producer: Jorge Sanchez

Production companies: Producciones Amaranta, Gardenia Producciones, Tornasol Fims, DMVB, Imcine, Tabasco Films

Distributor: William Morris Agency, attn.: Cassian Elwes

Cast: Fernando Lujan, Marisa Paredes, Salma Hayek, Ernesto Yanez, Rafael Inclan

Festivals and awards: Cannes, Toronto, Tokyo, Habana, Pusan

World sales: World Sales Christa Saredi, phone: (411) 201-1151 fax: (411) 201-1152



Synopsis: In a Himalyan village, a young man defies the oracles by inciting the other village youth to lead the yak caravan with him, causing his chieftain father to retaliate.

Director: Eric Valli

Producers: Jacques Perrin, Christophe Barratier

Production companies: Galatee Films, France 2 Cinema, Bac Films, Les Productions J.M.H., Antelope, National Studio Limited (Nepal)

Cast: Thilen Lhondup, Lapka Tsamehoe, Gurgon Kyap, Karma Tensing Nyima Lama

World sales: President Films, France, phone 1-45-62-82-22; fax 1-45-63-40-56


Scratches in the Table (Krassen in het Tafelblad)

Synopsis: A girl discovers her grandmother’s secret life.

Director: Ineke Houtman

Producer: Hans de Weers

Production companies: Egmond Film & TV, VPRO-TV

Distributors: RCV (Netherlands); First Look Pictures (U.S.)

Cast: Madelief Verelst, Rijk de Gooijer, Margo Dames

Festivals and awards: Berlin; Montreal Children’s Fest, Jury Prize; Utrecht

World sales: MDC Intl. Media Distribution and Film Consulting, phone: (49) 302-649-7900


The Prompter (Sufflosen)

Synopsis: A shy woman who works prompting singers at the opera struggles to find a place in the world outside her tiny prompting box.

Director: Hilde Heier

Producer: Christian Wildhagen

Production company: Wildhagen Produksjon

Cast: Herge Schoyen, Sven Nordin, Philip Zanden, Anne-Lise Berntsen, Liv Tandberg

Festivals and awards: Montreal

World sales: BV International Pictures, (47 52) 84-64-60 fax: (47 52) 84-64-61


Captain Pantoja and the Special Services (Pantaleon y las visitadoras)

Synopsis: An exemplary captain in the Peruvian army is commissioned to organize a special brigade of prostitutes to placate the soldiers in distant Amazon posts.

Director: Francisco J. Lombardi

Producer: Jose Enrique Crousillat

Production company: America Producciones

Distributor: None as yet

Cast: Salvadordel Solar, Angie Cepeda, Monica Sanchez, Pilar Bardem, Aristoteles Picho, Gianfranco Brero

Festivals and awards: Peru

World sales: Cinevista Intl., e-mail: renefuenteschao@netscape.net


The Kite

Synopsis: A boy sees his drunken father kill and is unsure what to do about it.

Director and producer: Gil M. Portes

Production company: Teamwork Prods.,

Distributor: Quantum

Cast: Ricky Davao, Lester Llansang, Jennifer Sevilla, Mark Gil, Sinig Blanco, Daryl Reyes, Connie Lauigan-Chua, Nanding Josef, Roy Alvarez, R.R. Herrera, Aleth de la Cruz, Diding Andres, Nonon Talbo

Festivals and awards: Manila, picture, actor, child actor, story, screenplay, theme song; Cinemanila; Hawaii; Montreal


Pan Tadeusz

Synopsis: National epic rich with nostalgic elements from Napoleonic times.

Director: Andrzej Wajda

Producer: Lew Rywin

Production companies: Heritage Films, Canal Plus Poland, Les Films du Losange, Le Studio Canal Plus, Wizja TV, TVP, Vision, AFP

Distributors: Vision (Poland), Filmart (U.S.)

Cast: Boguslaw Linda, Daniel Olbrychski, Grazyna Szapolowska, Andrezej Seweryn, Marek Kondratm, Krzysztof Kolberger, Michal Zebrowski, Alicja Bachleda-Curus

World sales: Le Studio Canal Plus (Paris), phone: (33 1) 4443-9800


The Mutants (Os Mutantes)

Synopsis: Tales of the “special homes” in Lisbon offering shelter to the homeless teens arriving daily in the nation’s capital.

Director: Teresa Villaverde

Producer: Gabriela Sequira

Production companies: Mutante Filmes, with JBA Prods. (France) and Pandora (Germany); Icam; RTP; Eurimages; Canal Plus; La Sept Cinema; Cinelibre

Cast: Alexandre Pinto, Nelson Varela, Ana Moreira, Helder Tavares, Samuel Costa

Festivals and awards: Cannes 1998; Taormina, actress (Ana Moreira); Bastille, actress (Moreira); MedFilm Festival, United Nations Award

World sales: Mutante Filmes, phone-fax: 351 213-952-975


The Famous Paparazzo (Fantasticul Paparazzo)

Synopsis: In order to get compromising photos of a senator, a tabloid reporter befriends a middle-age prostitute.

Director: Nicolae Margineanu

Production companies: Ager Film, Romanian TV, Dakino Studio, National Film Office

Distributor: Romaniafilm RADEF

Cast: Marcel Iures, Maria Ploae, Gheorghe Dinica, Valeriu Popescu

World sales: Romaniafilm, phone: (40 1) 210-7930



Synopsis: In spring 1942, Hitler and his cronies make a visit to a remote castle built for the fuehrer’s personal needs.

Director: Alexander Sokurov

Producers: Victor Sergeev, Thomas Kufus

Production companies: Lenfilm Studios, Zero Films, Fusion Product

Distributor: Lenfilm Studios

Cast: Elena Rufanova, Leonid Mozgovoy, Elena Spiridonova, Leonid Sokol, Vladimir Bogdanov

Festivals and awards: Cannes 1999, screenplay

World sales: Celluloid Dreams, phone: (331) 4970-0370 fax: (331) 4970-0371


All My Loved Ones (Vscaronichni moji blizci)

Synopsis: The story of a tragic death in an already miserable family.

Director: Matej Minae

Producers: Jioi Bartoscaronka, Rudolf Biermann

Production companies: In Film, Czech Television, TV Markiza, Sting, Titanic

Distributors: Falcon (Czech Republic), Tatra Film (Slovakia)

Festivals and awards: Bratislava

World sales: In Film Praha, Panska 1, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic


All About My Mother (Todo sobre mi madre)

Synopsis: After the death of her son, Manuela goes to Barcelona to search for his father, Lola the Pioneer.

Director: Pedro Almodovar

Producers: Agustin Almodovar (exec), Esther Garcia (line), Michel Rubin (associate)

Production companies: El Deseo, Renn Prodictions, France 2 Cinema

Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics

Cast: Cecilia Roth, Marisa Paredes, Penelope Cruz, Antonia San Juan, Candela Pena

Festivals and awards: Cannes, director, Ecumenical Award; New York; AFI; British Independent Film Awards, foreign film; Camerimage; FIPRESCI Awards, film; Jerusalem; Edinburgh

World sales: United Artists, phone: (44 171) 333-8877


Under the Sun (Lender Solen)

Synopsis: A farmer’s home and heart is gradually taken over by a young housekeeper.

Director: Colin Nutley

Producer: Colin Nutley

Production companies: Sweetwater, AB Svensk Filmindustri, SVT Drama Gotberg, Film i Vast

Cast: Rolf Lassgard, Helena Bergstrom, Johan Widerberg

Festivals and awards: Svenska Filminstitutet

World sales: AB Svensk Filmindusri, phone: (46 8) 680-3500 fax: (46 8) 710-4422


Beresina, or The Last Days of Switzerland (Beresinaoder die letzen tage der schweiz)

Synopsis: The unexpected career of a Russian call girl living in Switzerland.

Director: Daniel Schmid

Producer: Marcel Hoehn

Production companies: T&C Film, Pandora Films, Prisma Film

Distributor: Columbus Film (Switzerland)

Cast: Elena Panova, Martin Benrath, Geraldine Chaplin, Ulrich Noethen, Ivan Davis, Marina Canfalone, Stefan Kurt

Festivals and awards: Cannes, Locarno, Moscow, Montreal, Rio de Janeiro, Pusan, Vancouver, Las Vegas

World sales: T&C Edition, phone: (41 1) 202-3622 fax: (41 1) 202-3005


Luna Papa

Synopsis: The strange and fantastical journey of a rural father and daughter who embark on a trek with the very man who raped the young woman.

Director: Baktiar Khudojnazarov

Producers: Thomas Koerfer, Philippe Avril, Igor Toulstonov

Production companies: Prisma Films, Pandora Film, Thomas Koerfer Film, NTV-Profit, Les Films de l’Observatoire, Euro Space

Cast: Chulpan Khamatova, Moritz Bleibtreu, Ato Mukhamedshanov, Merab Ninidze, Nikolai Formenko

Festivals and awards: Tokyo, artistic contribution; Toronto

World sales: World Sales Christa Saredi, phone: (41 1) 201-1151 fax: (41 1) 201-1152


March of Happiness (Tian ma cha fang)

Synopsis: Set in 1945, a tale of a strong-willed teenage girl struggling for personal and political freedom as Japanese occupation of Taiwan reaches an end.

Director: Lin Cheng-sheng

Producer: Yeh Chin-sheng

Production companies: Green Apple, Formosa TV

Cast: Lim Giong, Hsiao Shu-shen, Leon Dai, Chen Kun-Chang, Grace Chen

Festivals and awards: Toronto

World sales: Taiwan Film Center, phone: (886 2) 2239-6026 fax: (886 2) 2239-6501


Mrs. Salkim’s Diamonds (Salkim hanimin taneleri)

Synopsis: The story of injustices toward non-Muslims in Istanbul during WWII.

Director: Tomris Gintlioglu

Cast: Derya Alabora, Zafer Algoz, Hulya Avsar, Guven Kirac, Ugur Polat, Zuhal Olcay


Soloman and Gaenor (Soloman a Gaenor)

Synopsis: The tragic love story of a young Jewish man and a Welsh woman in the beginning of the century

Director: Paul Morrison

Producer: Sheryl Crown

Production companies: APT Prods., September Films

Distributor: Film Four

Cast: Ioan Gruffudd, Nia Roberts

Festivals and awards: Troia, director; Verona, feature

World sales: Film Four, phone: (171) 868-7700


Glue Sniffer (Huelepega)

Synopsis: The painful reality faced by countless homeless children in Latin American cities, and their deep connection to the world of drugs.

Director: Elia Schneider

Producer: Jose Novoa

Production companies: Unity Films, Filmart, Tango Bravo, Credesca

Cast: Jose G. Rivas, Luis Campos, Pedro Lander

World sales: Unity Films, phone: (582) 793-1267 fax: (582) 793-5658


Three Seasons (Bamua)

Synopsis: Examines the new face of Vietnam; told through the perspective of four characters passed over by the “improvements” of Western progress.

Director: Tony Bui

Producers: Tran Thanh Hung, Tony Bui, Jason Kliot, Joana Vicente

Production companies: Glai Phong Film Studio, Open City Films

Distributors: Mars Films (France), Arthaus Filmverleih (Germany), October Films/USA Films (U.S.)

Cast: Don Duong, Ngoc Hiep Nguyen, Manh Cuong Tran, Harvey Keitel, Zoe Bui

Festivals and awards: Sundance, Audience Award, Grand Jury Prize, cinematography; Berlin; Karlovy Vary; Deauville; Athens; Reykjavik; Buenos Aires; Portland; Miami; Santa Barbara; Cleveland; San Francisco; Palm Beach; Tahoe; Philadelphia; Houston; Brussels(2000)

World sales: Good Machine Intl., phone: (212) 343-9230


The White Suit (Belo odelo)

Synopsis: On the train ride home to his mother’s funeral, a middle-aged soldier falls for a young prostitute.

Director: Lazar Ristovski

Producer: Lazar Ristovski

Production company: Zillion Prods.

Cast: Lazar Ristovski, Radmila Shchogolyeva, Dragan Nikolic, Velimir Bata Zivojinovic, Danilo Bata Stojkovic

Festivals and awards: Montreal

World sales: The Sales Co., phone: (44 171) 434-9061 fax: (44 171) 494-3293