Century’s Syufy bros. to be feted at ShoWest

1st time two individuals will jointly receive honor

Raymond and Joseph Syufy, who as toppers of San Rafael-based Century Theatres run one of the exhibition industry’s few healthy circuits, will be feted at ShoWest 2001 as ShoWesters of the Year.

The brothers will be honored at the event’s March 6 opening ceremony.

“Raymond and Joseph have film exhibition in their blood,” said Robert Sunshine, chairman of ShoWest organizer the Sunshine Group Worldwide. “It is their dedication to state-of-the-art motion picture theaters emphasizing excellent presentation and customer service that makes them so deserving of being named ShoWesters of the Year.”

First time for two

Sunshine noted the occasion will mark the first time two individuals jointly will be given the award, which honors efforts to better the exhibition industry. Last year, the award went to Bill Kartozian, former president of the National Assn. of Theater Owners.

“Joe and I are thrilled,” Raymond Syufy said. “As the major operators of movie theaters in Las Vegas for the past 20 years, we’ve always enjoyed being part of ‘the show.’ We’ve always enjoyed what ShoWest has done for our industry and are honored to be named in the esteemed company of past winners.”

Through their exhibition career, the Syufys continued a family business; their father, Raymond J. Syufy, opened his first theater in Vallejo in 1941. In 1995, Raymond W. Syufy became CEO of Century Theatres and Joseph Syufy became president.

Company began an important expansion from its regional roots in 1996 and by this year had entered its 11th U.S. state with a presence in Chicago. Century boasts more than 722 screens.