7th Art plugs into ‘Circuitry’

Rave docu to get heavy Internet push

Seventh Art Releasing has picked up rights to underground rave pic “Better Living Through Circuitry,” directed by John Reiss (“Cleopatra’s Second Husband”) and produced by Brian McNelis of L.A.-based label Cleopatra Records and Stuart Swezey, editor of the counterculture “Amok” book series.

Shot with a small VX 100 Sony digital camera and edited from 150 hours of footage, pic is the first to take a look at the increasingly visible underground rave culture through the eyes of its disc jockeys, artists and participants and features current turntablists the Crystal Method, DJ Spooky, Moby, Roni Size and DJ Keoki.

Electronica house Moonshine Music is providing a double soundtrack to the pic. One disc will be released concurrently with the film and the other is skedded for the pic’s simultaneous DVD and homevideo releases. The latter disc will contain additional tracks from artists featured in the film.

Internet promotion

Seventh Art nabbed the pic following screenings at the Los Angeles Intl., Seattle Intl., Chicago Underground, Denver Intl. and Vancouver Intl. film festivals, and plans a May limited release propelled by a heavy Internet push, particularly on the distrib’s Web site, 7thart.com. The site hopes eventually to stream Seventh Art docus, particularly those centering on the music world.

While “Circuitry” is Reiss’ first docu, the indie filmmaker wrote and directed last year’s fest entry “Cleopatra’s Second Husband.”

Seventh Art’s previous forays into the rockumentary world include “Radiohead: Meeting People is Easy,” which followed the platinum-selling band on their OK Computer tour. The pic is up for this year’s longform video Grammy.

The “Circuitry” deal was negotiated by Michael Roban of Kaufman & Roban and Seventh Art’s Udy Epstein.