Hot ‘Sex’ bidding ends with Goldwyn

President Films sells N.A. distribution

CANNES — Nearing the close of business Thursday President Films hit a climax with “Better than Sex.” U.S. rights to the Australian pic were sold to Samuel Goldwyn Films for distribution through IDP Distribtuion, a recent pact with CanWest and Stratosphere which handles marketing and distribution in North America.

After a premiere screening Monday, vying for the film turned into a heated affair, with Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, India, South Korea and Finland picking up “Better than Sex” by Wednesday.

Story concerns a young couple (David Wenham and Susie Porter) who meet and have what they believe will be a one-night stand, only to find themselves intrigued by the possibility of a continuing relationship.

Helmed by Jonathan Teplitzky and produced by Bruna Papandrea and Frank Cox, pic was one of the hottest market films coming into Cannes this year. Deal was handled by Hugo Bergson-Vuillaume for President, Meyer Gottlieb for Goldwyn and Robert Aaronson for CanWest.