“Tarantino Closes Cannes”: French magazine Premiere posted that headline Friday afternoon on its Web site — but could it be believed?

Members of the international indie film community would certainly want to. As the Cannes buzz begins to drone louder and louder, rumors fly and any bit of breaking news is manna from heaven. So, did the behind-the-scenes guys at Premiere understand the palpitations they would incite when preparing those Web pages?

Indeed, the rumor will almost certainly make an impact in Gaul where Tarantino reigns as a demi-dieu.

That is, of course, until someone puts together the date of the report — April 1, 2000 — and the name of Tarantino’s supposed film, “Fishing for Compliment (sic).”

Yup, they have April Fool’s Day in France, only they call playing a joke on someone giving them an “April fish.” Get it?