Nintendo boys vidgame console, latest GameBoy

Cyberbiz Brief

Nintendo bowed its next-generation vidgaming console Thursday, which replaces its N64 device, changing the concept name Dolphin to the official GameCube moniker.

Company also unveiled the latest version of its hand-held vidgame player, called Gameboy Advance, at its Spaceworld convention in Tokyo. Both devices will connect to the Web using modems.

Gameboy Advance is expected to reach store shelves in Japan in March and in North America and Europe in July. System will sell for $90 in Japan, but prices in the U.S. have not yet been set. Meanwhile, GameCube will launch in Japan in July and in North America in October 2001. Its price has not been announced. Nintendo expects to ship 1 million GameBoy Advance units in the first month of sales.

GameCube’s capabilities do not leapfrog the technology offered in Sega’s Dreamcast or Sony’s PlayStation 2, but that is fine with Nintendo, which sees the console as a stand-alone unit for playing games and not as a personal computer.

Rival systems including Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Microsoft’s X-Box are expected to include an Internet component. Sega’s Dreamcast already connects to the Web.