Netcaster offers sites for celebs

Celebrityblvd.com offers PR benefits, financial rewards

For celebrities who want an official Web site but don’t want to set one up for themselves, there’s a new option: Celebrityblvd.com. The fledgling Netcaster will launch at the end of this month with a network of more than 20 “official” celebrity sites. More are on the way.

Shannen Doherty (“Charmed”), Rob Morrow (“Northern Exposure”), Natasha Henstridge (“Species”), David Boreanaz (“Angel”), Kerr Smith (“Dawson’s Creek”) and Nathan Bexton (“Go”) are among the celebs with sites under the Celebrityblvd.com banner.

The artists are personally involved with the design and content of their Celebrityblvd.com sites.

“With the overwhelming number of unofficial sites that exist, I saw for the first time a way to get correct information to my fans, while at the same time creating a relationship with them,” thesp Bexton said.

Besides the obvious public relations benefits, artists may also reap financial rewards from income-generating opportunities — such as video, book and memorabilia sales — at their individual sites.

“Presently, we are in negotiations with several studios to structure cross-promotion and cross-merchandising opportunities,” said co-founders Brian Fitzgerald and Aaron Broder, who are entertainment attorneys.

Financed entirely by industryites including producers, managers, lawyers and publicists, Celebrityblvd.com is also in the process of syndicating the network to numerous foreign portals. Under these deals, the individual celebrity sites could be translated into foreign languages, further expanding e-commerce and merchandising opportunities and allowing artists access to previously closed foreign markets.

“Artists now feel comfortable creating a platform that can be used to send electronic press kits, show demo reels, or to simply provide producers, casting directors and industry executives with all pertinent information regarding an artist,” added Fitzgerald and Broder.

Although it won’t be fully operational for another week or so, the site can be seen starting today at http://www.celebrityblvd.com.