Business type: Digital entertainment

Number of employees: 400

URL: www.fox.com

Job title: Senior VP of entertainment

Age: 30

First ‘Net experience: Being on the phone for 1-1/2 hours with customer service at the local ISP, trying to figure out what IP address to use and how to configure SLIP by getting a FAQ on a shell Unix account

Biggest challenge: Creating entertainment properties

Favorite bookmark: www.mcsweeneys.net

* * *

Jordan Kurzweil entered the dot-com world via the most low-tech of methods: an ad in the newspaper. After working in the film industry as a director, producer and in post-production, Kurzweil answered a help-wanted posting for Delphi, a fledgling Internet service run by News Corp.

At Delphi, Kurzweil became the producer of the entertainment section, including the development of MotionPictures.com, one of the largest databases of film information. He soon was courted by fellow News Corp. subsid Fox News to launch FoxNews.com.

While competing news sites where text-heavy affairs, Kurzweil worked to give FoxNews more interactive features and vivid content for Netizens.

“I’ve always been a real believer in the Web as a true multimedia experience,” Kurzweil says. “Even back then I was trying to get producers to use video and shoot pictures and do basic animations.”

With new technology, Kurzweil finds himself in charge of yet another News Corp. Web initiative as Fox.com evolves beyond an information site into one offering original content for broadband and wireless.

And that’s a far cry from wrangling with studio execs. “With Fox.com I got the opportunity to take the ball and run with it,” he says.