iFilm has developed a venture called Online Testing Exchange that enables the entertainment and advertising agencies to test market ads and promotional materials via the Web.

Service will enable marketers to test trailers, commercials, packaging and other related marketing concepts to Internet users.

“It will enable clients to more thoroughly and accurately evaluate creative advertisements than is currently possible; faster, better and less expensively,” said vet advertising research exec Shelley Zalis, who is heading up the venture. “IFilm’s video capability, real-time data reporting and flexible production tools are incredible advantages for our clientele.”

Zalis will oversee research programs, new product initiatives, client relations and sales using iFilm’s tech team to build various research services for the Web.

IFilm said several studios and ad agencies are already using the service, but declined to divulge specific clients.

New service gives the Los Angeles-based company a healthy source for revenues, other than the fees it has been limited to collecting from online advertising and sales of the Hollywood Creative Directory, among other acquired businesses.

“Our Online Testing Exchange is a significant milestone in interactive research,” said iFilm CEO and co-founder Kevin Wendle. “The combination of iFilm’s online video and research technology together with Shelley’s vast research expertise means a winning product for clients.”.

Zalis most recently created market research tools at ACNielsen. Zalis was also with ad research copy testing company IPSOS-ASI.