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Austin Harrison, MediaTrip

Business type: Entertainment Netcaster

Number of employees: 40

URL: www.mediatrip.com

Job title: Chairman & CEO

Age: 28

First ‘Net experience: Creating Web sites for entertainment data management in 1994

Biggest challenge: Consistently creating compelling interactive entertainment experiences

Favorite bookmark: www.billskhakis.com

* * *

Austin Harrison doesn’t look or act like a Web geek. But the workaholic trait is definitely there.

The low-key exec, formerly an executive producer at Hollywood.com, has guided the 9-month-old entertainment Web site from obscurity to being a major player and distributor of Internet content.

“It’s been incredibly hard,” Harrison says. “It’s drained me. It has been an arduous task going from zero to wherever we are now. But it’s all about understanding what you’re doing. It’s about hard work and execution.”

But what a difference a big deal makes.

Webcasts of the popular spoof “George Lucas in Love” (attracting over 100,000 viewings in its first two weeks) and the animated series “Lil’ Pimp,” helped MediaTrip make waves online. But a relationship with Joe Roth’s new production company Revolution Studios put the Santa Monica, Calif.-based company on the map, proving that “who you know” works on the Web as well. The site is now Revolution’s official Netcaster and online movie marketer.

“Standalone content businesses aren’t businesses in today’s market,” Harrison says. “You have to have great partners and multiple avenues to make money. The key to success is partnerships coming together with the right people. It’s about creating relationships with partners you see eye to eye with. It’s about complementary skills, complementary goals. If you can bring companies together that add value to each other, that’s the ultimate dealmaking.”

Harrison’s plans are now to turn MediaTrip into a global entertainment brand for online entertainment and to “take a rest. I don’t remember when my last vacation was,” he says.

One goal, however, may keep that vacation waiting:

“I never want to get complacent,” Harrison says. “That’s how you get in trouble. There’s always someone around the corner ready to take your place.”

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