LONDON — Aardman Animations is primed to launch a new series, “Angry Kid,” exclusively over the Internet via the AtomFilms Web site.

Aardman, the creative force behind the Oscar-winning “Wallace & Gromit” animated shorts and the upcoming DreamWorks feature “Chicken Run,” has produced 25 one-minute episodes, which will be posted online at regular intervals starting May 7.

“Angry Kid,” created and animated by Darren Walsh using Aardman’s distinctive claymation technique, is a comic showcase of preteen angst as the eponymous kid speaks to the camera about his life.

But unlike Aardman’s best-known work, “Angry Kid” is not for younger auds. “He’s (an) anarchist, irreverent, and definitely not for family viewing — perfect for the Internet,” said Michael Rose, Aardman’s head of film and TV production.

“We believe the Internet could very well prove to be one of the most exciting platforms for entertainment distribution,” said Dave Sproxton, managing director of Aardman.

Michael Comish, managing director of AtomFilms Europe, said, “TV and cinemas limit when and how you watch quality entertainment. The Internet is overcoming these obstacles.”

The AtomFilms site already showcases Aardman’s back catalog.