U rattling ‘Tremors 3’

Film to Stampede to homevid next year

That rumbling you hear is the return of the giant worm-like graboids in “Tremors 3: Back to Perfection.”

Universal Family and Home Entertainment has given the green light to Stampede Entertainment to begin production on the sequel Oct. 16 that will premiere on homevideo next year.

Michael Gross, who co-starred in the original with Kevin Bacon, will return in the role of survivalist Burt Gummer.

Brent Maddock, who co-wrote and co-produced the original 1990 horror-scifi-comedy “Tremors” with Steve Wilson that was directed by Ron Underwood, will direct the latest installment. Wilson, who directed the 1996 video sequel “Tremors 2: Aftershocks,” will executive produce the new one, with Nancy Roberts producing.

Maddock, Wilson and Roberts created the story for “Tremors 3” and John Whelpley, who wrote the cable TV movie “The Colony,” is writing the screenplay.

Although Universal has primarily produced family movies for video premieres — “Beethoven’s 4th” wraps shooting in Beverly Hills on Tuesday — USFHE president Louis Feola said the studio is looking to expand its offerings with titles like “Tremors 3,” which will be looking for a PG-13 rating like its predecessors.