Daily Variety‘s first Digital Dozen issue is a vivid snapshot of Internet entertainment right now. It’s about the people who get it — not just those who aspire to enter the online world, but those who have been in the trenches long enough to build companies, nurture them to success, and often move on to new challenges. Many of our dozen started in traditional entertainment jobs, from TV producer to agent, before testing the new-media waters. They represent a cross-section of the people making next-generation entertainment work, building partnerships across all types of media enterprises.

But whether they supervise sites for major entertainment companies, run new entertainment destinations on the Web or make the financial and talent deals that power the new entertainment economy, Daily Variety‘s writers and editors feel these are 12 stellar examples of new-media players who know how to get the job done. Strategy changes and restructuring are inevitable in this fast-changing business climate, but no matter where they land in the future, these execs are sure to have a strong hand in shaping the new wired Hollywood.

— Patricia Saperstein, Managing Editor, Special Reports

Austin Harrison, MediaTrip

Dan Adler, CAA

John Hegeman, Distant Corners

Stefanie Henning, Shockwave.com

Lynda Keeler, Redleaf Group

Jeffrey Kramer, Honkworm

Jordan Kurzweil, Fox.com

Roy Lee, Bender-Spink

Gordon Paddison, New Line Cinema

Mika Salmi, AtomFilms

Steve Stanford, Icebox

Robert Tercek, PacketVideo Corp.