Blockbuster to send ads by CD

Members targeted for promotion

Blockbuster is targeting Netizens in a marketing program that could be coming this fall to a mailbox and computer near you.

The home entertainment company will mail out CD-ROMs to select Blockbuster members that will contain clips from featured films, games and special e-commerce offers.

The disc will present the Netizen with the option of installing a program that will allow Blockbuster to push additional targeted advertisements and promotions to the user.

Another door opens

“This technology opens yet another communication channel to enhance the unique relationship we have with our members, providing them with customized, entertaining content that is relevant to them and free of charge,” said Greg Smogard, prexy of Blockbuster Marketing Solutions.

Blockbuster pacted with two Netcos, CDKnet and ValueFlash.com, to develop the marketing scheme.

“It’s the ultimate opt-in marketing tool,” said Michael Jolly, exec veepee of ValueFlash.com. “Consumers control what kind of information they receive, resulting in more relevant and effective customer communications.”