TOC may close ops

Telema, Studio Canal Plus venture looks dormant

PARIS — TOC, the film production joint venture between Paris-based Telema and Studio Canal Plus, looks like it will be shuttered.

The company, which was set up in 1997, was designed to co-produce English-language pictures out of London. Studio Canal Plus holds 75% of the production shingle, while Telema has the remaining 25%.

In the late 1990s, TOC developed two projects, “Maggie Goes to Hollywood” and “Monsieur de Brillancourt,” neither of which were made. TOC co-produced Terence Gross’ “Hotel Splendide,” which appeared at the Berlin Film Festival this year, but has no further projects in the pipeline. The company’s London office was closed last year.

Conflicting reports

A degree of confusion appears to surround TOC. Speaking to Daily Variety, Telema chairman Charles Gassot said that “TOC no longer exists,” while Studio Canal Plus head, Brahim Chioua, insisted “the company has not been closed, although it has no projects at the moment.”

Although Gassot insists that his relations with Studio Canal Plus “are in good shape,” a certain chill is noticeable.

After months of negotiations, Gassot pulled back from selling his film catalog to Studio Canal Plus. Telema has some solid hits under its belt, including “Un Air de Famille,” “Le Bonheur est dans le Pre,” “Life Is a Long Quiet River” and Agnes Jaoui’s current box office hit “Le Gout des Autres.”