Switching off C4

Int'l arm topper Macleod to ankle post

HOLLYWOOD — Bernard Macleod, managing director of Channel Four Intl., will ankle the company effective Jan. 1 to pursue interests in further education.

Macleod, who joined the distributor from his own docu production company Cahoots in 1998, will also engage in some media consulting work.

“After 2-1/2 years working with my team here at C4I, I am very proud of the company we have built up. I know I will be leaving behind a strong company with some of the best execs in the business,” he said.

During his tenure, C4I’s sales revenues increased 50% and the org’s presence worldwide significantly expanded. Among the event programs produced and/or distributed since Macleod was named managing director were “The Monica Lewinsky Interview,” the only such interview available outside the U.S.; “Cinderella” toplining Kathleen Turner; and “Live … at Shark Pass,” with the Discovery Channel.

Closer ties created

Macleod was also instrumental in forging closer ties with the TV community in Los Angeles and told Daily Variety that he expected that commitment to continue after he leaves. The international arm entered a number of co-production and distribution alliances under Macleod’s leadership, including ones with NBC Entertainment, the History Channel, Bravo and PBS.

“Bernard has helped us achieve our objectives of making C4I a world-class distribution company. He leaves behind a much stronger company that is serving the needs of both Channel Four and our independent producers very well,” Janet Walker, Channel Four director of business affairs, said.

No replacement has been named for Macleod, but Barbara Bellini-Witkowski, C4I director of sales, is likely an inside candidate.