COPENHAGEN — Norwegian distrib SF Norge, a subsid of Sweden’s Svensk Filmindustri, is preparing a lawsuit against Ingeborg Moraeus Hanssen, managing director of Oslo Municipal Cinemas, because she has publicly stated that Norwegian director Liv Ullmann’s “Faithless” is “embarrassing and provocatively private.”

“As an exhibitor, Hanssen should be working to secure the best possible box office performance of her releases instead of defaming them,” said managing director Guttorm Petterson, of SF Norge. He was formerly programming director of Oslo Municipal Cinemas, which is still a local monopoly. “With her influence, her remarks will definitely reduce our ticket receipts.”

Ullmann retrospective

“Faithless,” a runner-up for the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, will be screened at a gala performance during the upcoming Norwegian Intl. Film Festival in Haugesund to launch an Ullmann retrospective. The Norwegian actress-turned-helmer is honorary president of the showcase.

“The film almost made me aggressive. It is made up of banal problems,” Hanssen claimed in an interview. She also said the handheld camera in Danish director Lars von Trier’s Palme d’Or winner “Dancer in the Dark” made her “seasick” and that she should probably hand out sickness bags to the audience.