BERLIN — First-half revenues were up by 195% for German kidvidder EM.TV & Merchandising, reaching DM604 million ($282 million).

Pre-tax profits hit $74 million. The majority of those revenues came from EM.TV itself ($104 million), followed by the proceeds from its newly acquired subsids.

From its 50% stake in Formula One racing, EM.TV brought in $102 million in revenues. The Jim Henson Co. subsid added another $41 million and its 45% cut in German media group Tele Munchen made EM some $35 million.

“These figures document our impressive and dynamic growth of EM.TV. Our new ‘family members’ have taken up the rapid development tempo of EM.TV without delay and realized our group philosophy,” said Thomas Haffa, chairman of EM.TV.

EM.TV said international sales showed the strongest growth rate within the mother company, reaching $17 million. Home TV sales hit $65 million.

EM.TV said it expected to add to those figures a further $177 million from deals currently being negotiated. Several deals were in advance negotiations, the company said.