Comcast sees revs rise 23%

Cabler gains 173,000 digital subscribers

NEW YORK — Cabler Comcast said Monday that net income fell to $180 million in the second quarter from $816 million the year before as revenue soared 23% to $1.9 billion.

Operating cash flow, which the Philadelphia-based group called a key measure of financial health, rose 32% to $603 million.

Income suffered mainly due to tough comparisons with last year when Comcast received a $1.5 billion windfall as a breakup fee when its merger plans with MediaOne Group fell apart. AT&T bought MediaOne instead.

Cable revenue rose 10% to $1.02 billion, and Comcast added nearly 173,000 digital subscribers in the quarter, winding up with a total of 943,000. Its Comcast@Home high-speed Internet service, which is available in 18 markets and 4.4 million homes, ended the quarter with 237,000 subs.

Revenue at Comcast’s home shopping network QVC grew 9.6% to $771 million.