Tabloids, docs raise Andrews’ ire

GOOD MORNING: Julie Andrews is considering legal action — on two fronts, she told me Thursday. One suit would be aimed at the Globe, which printed a story about her stay at the Sierra, Tucson for “drug dependency.” She admits to me she has been there but it was for therapy on the condition of “sadness and grief” occasioned by her throat condition and the death of her aunt. No drugs were administered to her at Sierra, she told me, “just therapy — spiritual and mental — and a series of lectures. And I’m already feeling much better.” The other legal suit under consideration by Julie would be against the medics who operated on her throat two years ago. Andrews says she was told the surgery would be “minor and I would be singing in two-six weeks. It’ s now two years. It was diagnosed as an intra-chordal cyst — and it got complicated. I am now seeking second and third opinions.” She is not able to sing and still has throat irritation, audible as she spoke to me on the phone from N.Y. But she was able to film (non-singing) “One Lonely Night” (originally titled “A Winter Visitor”) telepic with James Garner. Earlier Thursday Andrews had been given the New Dramatists’ Lifetime Achievement award by Carol Burnett, who serenaded her along with Robert Goulet and the “Sound of Music” B’way cast with an audience that included Mary Tyler Moore, Bernadette Peters, Brian Dennehy and Zoe Caldwell.

ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE, and all the men and women merely players — even when they’re not working for Shakespeare (in “As You Like It”). All of Los Angeles is currently a stage for “The Shrink Is In” feature shooting around the city in vacant buildings whose space is converted into sets for the pic starring Courtney Cox and David Arquette, costarring David James Elliott. Richard Benjamin is directing as I found them Thursday shooting on the emptied ground floor of a Wilshire Blvd. office building with a set doubling for a 10th-floor psychiatrist’s office — with an appropriate cyclorama of L.A. painted outside the set’s window completing the movie magic. They had also actually shot on a 10th floor ledge for the romantic comedy. Benjamin told his young principals Cox, Arquette, Elliott and Jon Polito: “Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton went out there — audiences know when you’re really there. That’s what makes the movie believable.” The pic’s a romantic comedy with, hopefully, a lot of the “Something About Mary” touches. “It’s what movies can be,” said Benjamin — “a beautiful girl (Cox) doing comedy.” And Cox is truly beautiful — and funny. Unlike her “Friends” TV look, Cox’ hair is long and wavy. She beams when talking about working in the film with Benjamin. “I tell him , ‘Show me’ — and he does. It’s a great feeling.” Benjamin has a 35-day sked for the $6.5 million Mandillo/Form pic — and Benjamin promises it will look like “a major studio feature.” He’s working for a percentage rather than his usual fee … Of the cast, Benjamin says “TV delivers young people who are totally prepared and ready for anything. It is great training and there’s no dragging around, no waiting for anyone to come out of trailers. And no special treatment.” Elliott was working seven days a week to complete his “Jag” season and start the feature. Cox and Arquette segue from “The Shrink” to “Scream III” and he goes onto feature film “Honky” while she goes back to “Friends. He has three other films awaiting him — including his own productions. The happy couple is trying to work out a moment in which to get married. And hope to do it without being victimized by you-know-who.

B’WAY AND THE CABARET WORLD will toast Sally Jessy Raphael’s 15th anni May 15 at the Firebird. Among those set are Billy Stritch and his trio, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Lea DeLaria, Ann Hampton Callaway, Hedda Lettuce, Mia Guy and Edie, Julie Halston femcees … Oscar-and-Tony winner Joel Grey segues from the Anne Heche-scripted-directed “Reaching Normal,” an “Outer Limits” seg, and “A Christmas Carol,” and wings to Copenhagen for Lars Von Trier’s “Dancer in the Dark” with Bjork and Catherine Deneuve … Ann Rutherford underwent surgery at St. John’s for a broken leg suffered in a freak fall while descending unescorted into a recording studio to narrate a tribute to Mickey Rooney for Turner Classic Movies’ weeklong toast to Rooney … There’s s third generation thesp in the Dennis Weaver family — grandson Travis (son of Rick W.) stars in a national Olds commercial … Nancy Sinatra Jr. presents Carol Connors with her Women’s Council of Friends Award at the Jacqueline Kennedy Awards Dinner May 16 benefiting the JFK University in Orinda, Ca. Elizabeth An, Pat Riley, Carol Wior and Daphne Edwards Ziman are co-recipients at the BevWilshire. An, boss of BevHills’ Crustacean restaurant plus two eateries in SanFran, opens another in Palm Desert this Fall … From “Hamlet” to “Hammer”: Stacy Keach will be honored by the Pacific Pioneer B’casters at noon May 21, at the Sportsmen’s Lodge. Brother James K. and his wife Jane Seymour, longtime pal Keith Carradine and Lindsay Bloom and Peter Jason of the original “Mike Hammer” cast will be on hand … Nathan Lane hosts the AIDS Project L.A. event May 27 at the Universal Amphi with honors going to Tom Ford, Janet Jackson, and Gerald Levin … Today’s Scoreboard: NRA: 1, ShowBiz: 0.