Heston hasn’t seen the light

GOOD MORNING: The return address and name on an envelope delivered to me Wednesday was Charlton Heston’s. I hoped that, from his mountaintop home (off Coldwater), Heston had seen the light — the lights of L.A. police in the San Fernando Valley trying to track down (the now-arrested) Buford O. Furrow, the accused postman-killer/would-be killer of Jewish children. Alas, Heston’s letter was an invite for the L.A. Police Reserve Foundation’s Sept. 17 Twice a Citizen Awards dinner … Meanwhile, remarks on ABC’s “Nightline” Tuesday echoed in my mind, like when Ted Koppell discussed the latest American tragedy, saying, “Tonight: guns, an American way of life, an American way of death.” And there, on my desk was the Sept. copy of Guns & Ammo magazine, with the monthly column by NRA president Heston hailing the Second Amendment as the guarantor of the right to keep and bear arms. Alongside Heston’s “From the Capitol” column: Marlin Firearms Co.’s ad to buy a plaque ($10) emblazoned with Article II. Heston says in that column that gun control proposals of Congress, in the wake of the Littleton, Colo., killings, “couldn’t have prevented those crimes any more than they will prevent future atrocities.” How many more do we need, Chuck? On the “Nightline” show, Seattle police chief Norm Stamper told Koppel that the late Sen. Barry Goldwater had noted years ago that it would take 25 years to reach a level of responsible gun control. Said the police chief: “If we had the political will to follow up on it (gun control) in those days, we might be at half the gun violence we have today, some 25 or so years later.” Why not now for children of tomorrow — as well as today? … With the capture of Furrow in Las Vegas and his admission that his act “was to be a wakeup call to America to kill Jews,” came a suggested punishment from Israel’s official ambassador of tourism — Pat Boone. Boone told me, “He (Furrow ) should be sentenced to live in an Israeli Kibbutz — with people he thinks he hates. Those people (like Furrow) have no real idea of what the people they hate are really like. And I hate their use of the term ‘Christian’ in their hate group names. They are not Christian!” The very-Christian Boone thought a moment of his suggested punishment and altered it, saying, “No — he (Furrow) should be displayed publicly and have all of his fingers and toes broken and then publicly executed so they who think those like the imprisoned Manson and Sirhan are glamorous — will think differently.” I have never, ever heard Pat Boone this angered. He is not alone.

WHAT DID ELIA KAZAN THINK of the Oscar ceremonies in which he received the Lifetime Achievement Award? In the September issue of Vanity Fair, Kazan tells longtime friend Patricia Bosworth, “It was something of a circus, wasn’t it?” Larry Adler is among those interested in Kazan’s statement that no “apology” is necessary by him. In Adler’s book, “It Ain’t Necessarily So” (1984), he tells of a Sardi’s meeting with Kazan before the latter testified. He told pal Adler, “I’ve got $2 million in the bank so no one can make me talk.” But after he testified, writes Adler, a teary Kazan ran up to him in Abe Lastfogel’s William Morris office and cried, “It’s up to you — you’ve got to lick those bastards” (the HUAC). Adler, by the way, is 89 and, from his London home, said he’s feeling fine, just did a concert (harmonica) in Edinburgh … Lynn Redgrave is off to Germany, to a little town outta Munich, to star in “Venus and Mars” as the mother of Daniela Lankewitz; Harry Mastrogeorge directs the bigscreen feature. Redgrave just completed another seg of Showtime’s “Rude Awakening” in which Tim Curry guested … Dennis Rodman shoots a guest spot today in Showtime’s “Linc’s” series playing a Jerry Springer-like talkshow host named Barry duBarry, who hosts a show called “Dirty Drawers” — “where America shows its ass.” The seg in the D.C.-set series focuses on barmaid Cece (Golden Brooks) who goes on the “Dirty Drawers” show with her mother (played by Phyllis Stickney). The series, produced by Tim Reid and Susan Fales-Hill, is in its second season.

THAT’S THE WAY TO SEE A MOVIE — on a giant screen with great sound and great line of sight — the place, the Universal Amphitheatre. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the movie was Imagine’s hilarious “Bowfinger” starring Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy and the enchantingly sexy Heather Graham. Of course Imagine’s Brian Grazer wants to do another pic with Martin and Murphy. And Steve said he is writing (an untitled ) pic for Imagine, confirms Grazer. He’s also writing a novel, “Shop Girl,” but said “It’s not a movie.” First, Grazer and partner, director Ron Howard, start “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” with Jim Carrey at Universal in Sept. And in six weeks, they launch another Murphy starrer, “Nutty Professor 2.” Murphy said his many characters in this one will involve “ages.” The Murphy and Grazer families are both expecting babies around the same time in December. Among those on hand at the preem, Martin’s pal Martin Short, who of course anticipates Martin will guest on his new talkshow. But, Steve said, he would not because “It’s a matter of money. He only pays $300 — and I get $350.” Uh huh. Among those also on hand were the new William Morris teammates, Jim Wiatt (who reps Murphy) and John Burnham.