Biz, politix mix it up

GOOD MORNING: More showbiz and politix — this weekend, David Geffen will host Bill Clinton at a meeting with 12 other heavy hitters to talk raising funds — for the Clinton library in Arkansas. Geffen was among those, live and on tape, at Wednesday night’s ADA dinner at the BevHilton honoring Warren Beatty. Geffen and Beatty are longtime friends and David credited Warren with having introduced him into the world of (Demo) politix. But there’s no question that Geffen is supporting Vice President Gore’s Presidential campaign and will host an event for Gore after the first of the year. As for Geffen’s opinion of Tipper Gore’s (well-established) advocacy of warning labels on recordings, music mogul Geffen said, “That’s not a problem with me. I believe there should be labeling. Parents should know what’s inside those (record) packages” … Today at N.Y.’s Sky Club, Al Gore is slated to meet at breakfast with 100 business leaders — offering $upport and input on the campaign. Among ’em: Sumner Redstone and Harvey Weinstein … Gore will be honored Oct. 12 at the home of Cindy and Alan Horn with cohosts Jeffrey Katzenberg, Richard Lovett, Rob Reiner and Tom Werner … And talking Presidential, Jimmy Carter will be toasted on his 75th birthday, Friday, at the historic Rylander Theatre in Americus, Ga. Entertainers will include Pat Boone, the McGuire Sisters, the Georgia Mass Choir, the U.S. Naval Academy Glee Club, Sam Donaldson, Helen Thomas, the Indigo Girls, Spencer Christian and a few surprises.

“WARREN BEATTY, JACK NICHOLSON and I must have felt we haven’t contributed enough,” said Bob Rafelson (66) who, with his mate Gabrielle Taurek, welcomed son Ethan Otis Rafelson, Sept. 23 in Aspen, where on Sept. 22, Bob was given the Aspen Film Festival’s first Independent By Nature Award. “Two incredible days” — that’s the way Bob Rafelson describes the 48 hours. (Rafelson has a son, composer-producer Peter R., by his first marriage). At the fest, Rafelson received taped and live greetings from some who made their first pix with him: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sally Field (“Stay Hungry”), as well as Nicholson and David Mamet (“The Postman Always Rings Twice”) and Ron Bass (“Black Widow”). Rafelson returns to N.Y. filmmaking in Nov. with “Deal Kings” scripted by first-timer Rick Eid. It’s a genre thriller set in the world of very big money. Mamet could not attend the Aspen toasting to Rafelson (he’s directing “State and Maine” in Mass.), but sent a note that includes these endearing words: “Bob Rafelson hired me to write my first screenplay. (‘Postman’) When I met him I was a respected member of the N.Y. theatrical community. At the end of the film I was a depraved slut. I began to direct films because Bob, the first director I’d ever seen in action, seemed to be having all the fun. He got to cast the starlets, and he’d just heaved a production executive through a plate glass window. That’s why we all know he’s going to heaven, while the rest of us will still be worrying abut our ‘permanent records.’ ” … Rhea and Buz Kohan welcomed their first grandson, Charles Augustus Noxon, Sept. 10 at Cedars-Sinai. Baby’s parents are Emmy-winning writer-producer (“Tracey Takes On”) Jenji Kohan and husband, journalist Christopher Noxon … Kushner-Locke has acquired “The St. Francisville Experiment,” which Donald Kushner says, “Basically shows that ghosts really exist. It was filmed with real people — not actors (!) — in a New Orleans plantation.” With the success of the “Blair Witch Project,” K-L wants to get the “Experiment” out in time for — Halloween.

THE U.S. MARINE CORPS’ 224th birthday Ball will be held Nov. 12 at the World Financial Center’s Winter Garden in NY. Harvey Keitel and Daily Variety’s Gerry Byrne again cohost the black tie/military dress event. Dinner committee members include Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Montel Williams and Harvey Weinstein. Proceeds benefit Toys for Tots and the Intrepid Scholarship Program … Loeb & Loeb, the entertainment industry’s oldest (largest?) law firm celebrates its 90th anni today with a reception at LACMA. I asked the firm’s John Frankenhiemer (not the director!) who cochairs with David Carlin, about the firm’s primary concern for the millennium. “Our biggest concern legally is to keep pace with the technology (in records, film, TV, etc.) and to protect and guide our clients.” He was positive about the future for creative talents. “It will be a wonderful new world with every quantum leap in the technology” … This week is the 45th anni of “The Tonight Show” as launched by host Steve Allen. Wife Jayne Meadows celebrates her birthday (!) on Monday, the show’s anni date… The Ambassador Gallery in Soho opens an exhib today with the paintings of Rosemarie (Mrs. Bob) Stack, Jack Palance and Phyllis Diller … Associated TV Intl’s. head David McKenzie reports PBS has picked up the Bob Stack series “Lords of the Mafia” for 13 specials. McKenzie also picked up Roger Moore for three more specials, the first, “The KGB Paranormal Files.” Moore is also shooting his new series, “The Dream Team” … Ben Affleck birthday-gifted Gwyneth Paltrow with Harry Winston’s first Millennium hallmarked jewelry — marked on every piece sold from today until the end of December 2000. Oh yes, Affleck gifted Gwyneth with radium-cut diamond stud earrings (set in platinum). Happy birthday, indeed!