Women in Film gave kudos to several TV high achievers Friday at the Beverly Hilton at the ceremony for the sixth annual Lucy Awards.

Production vet Bud Yorkin, answering a standing ovation for winning a career achievement Lucy, said, “Then all is said and done, television is still a boys club with limited opportunities for women, but in the future I hope the playing field is leveled.”

Yorkin and longtime collaborator Norman Lear were being thanked for creating breakthrough female characters on such shows as “All in the Family,” “Maude” and “The Jeffersons.”

Although presenter Rob Reiner joked, “Bud is the oldest and ugliest woman in film. (Yorkin and Lear) gave the world thought-provoking entertainment that’s really elevated women’s issues.”

Camryn Manheim also bagged an award for portraying a take-no-prisoners lawyer on ABC’s “The Practice.” “I’m proud to provide alternative role models for girls who have had no one else to look up to,” Manheim said. “United, we women, we can compete.”

The cast of frosh HBO hit “Sex in the City” also snagged crystal Lucy TV statuettes. “Sex” star Sarah Jessica Parker said, “I’m extraordinarily grateful for HBO for allowing us to play roles that have been traditionally played by men.”

Another “Sex” star, Kim Cattrall quipped, “It’s thrilling to stand up and accept this award. Usually my character takes her rewards lying down.”

Other honorees included WIF Foundation chair and five-time Emmy nominee Patricia Barry (“Days of Our Lives,”), who picked up the org’s Founder’s award; and director of photography Teresa Medina, who scored Kodak’s Vision award.