Viewer’s Choice moving staff to L.A.

Distrib wants to be closer to movie studios headquarters

NEW YORK — Viewer’s Choice, the dominant pay-per-view distributor in the U.S., plans to shift its New York-based programming staff to Los Angeles this summer.

Under its new president Mindy Herman, Viewer’s Choice is pushing to ramp up the buy rates of movies on pay-per-view. That strategy has led to the decision to move the distributor’s programming executives, led by Michael Klein, senior VP of programming, closer to the headquarters of the major movie studios. A spokesman for Viewer’s Choice declined to comment on the geographical placement of its staff.

Other Viewer’s Choice executives making the move, sources say, are Dave Wengrod, senior director of movie programming, and Sean Henry, senior director of scheduling and program planning.

But the programmers who focus on events at Viewer’s Choice will stay in New York because many of the event entrepreneurs are located on the East Coast, such as World Championship Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation. The point person in New York, Brian Ricco, director of event programming for Viewer’s Choice, will continue to report to Klein even after Klein picks up stakes.