In the first program shuffle of the new fall season, UPN has pushed back the bow of the Barry Sonnenfeld/Barry Josephson action drama “Secret Agent Man” until midseason.

But in a sign of how many feature producers are delving into TV these days, the weblet has called up Joel Silver’s planned midseason actioner, “The Strip,” to replace “Secret Agent Man” in the Tuesday 9 p.m. timeslot.

A UPN spokesman said the switch was done in part to give producers more time to fine-tune the special effects and high-tech gadgetry employed in “Secret Agent Man.” The Columbia TriStar TV show revolves around a trio of covert agents working for a shadowy org known as P.O.I.S.E., whose mission is to “save the world in style.”

One reason for the delay was that a pilot for “Secret Agent Man” was never produced; UPN picked up the show on the strength of a short presentation reel.

“Secret Agent Man” had been set to bow Sept. 14, but the slot will be filled by reruns of “Star Trek: Voyager” until Warner Bros. TV’s “The Strip” is ready to roll Oct. 5.

Set in Las Vegas, “The Strip” centers on a casino magnate who hires a pair of ex-police detectives to offer an extra measure of protection to the high rollers in his hotels. The show will be shot entirely on location in Sin City.

Joseph Viterelli stars as the casino boss, while Sean Patrick Flanery and Guy Torry play acerbic gumshoes. “The Strip,” created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, is exec produced by Gough, Millar and Silver, who’s riding high at the box office this summer with “The Matrix.”