‘Squares’ pegged by CBS stations for 2003 season

Goldberg expected to stay at least through 2001 season

CBS is hip to be square, at least for a couple more years.

King World’s most recent addition to the gameshow genre, “Hollywood Squares,” has been renewed through the 2003-2004 season by 22 stations, including the incumbent CBS O&Os. The renewals of the KW/Columbia TriStar co-production represent approximately 40% of the country.

“Hollywood Squares had an incredible debut year,” said Roger King, chairman of King World Productions. “These renewals are a testament to the proven ratings power and viewer appeal of the show, and we’re proud to be partnered with these stations in making Hollywood Squares a hit television franchise well into the next century.”

Whoopi Goldberg occupies the center square on the revived gameshow and owns a portion of the series. She is expected to return with the strip, “at least” through the 2001 season.

“Hollywood Squares” earned a 4.0 rating during the 1998-99 season, making it the third-most-watched gameshow in syndication, behind King World’s “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy.”