Shooting Gallery taking aim at TV

Kane tapped as new arm's prexy

NEW YORK — Independent production shingle the Shooting Gallery has formed TSG Television to develop telefilms and series for broadcast and cable. Vet TV executive Josh Kane has been tapped as the arm’s president.

“With the Shooting Gallery’s record, a television division continues to support our strategies of expanding our creative inter-ests into television and ultimately into broadband on the Internet,” said TSG chairman and co-founder Larry Meistrich. “Josh understands the world of independent films and will be able to bridge our sometimes dark sensibility with a mainstream sensibil-ity.”

Although TSG didn’t announce any specific projects, Kane and Meistrich said they would utilize material that Shooting Gal-lery purchased for theatrical development to turn it into made-fors, as well as projects that Kane will bring from his days as co-head of MTM Television in the early ’90s.

Meistrich cited Shooting Gallery’s “The 24-Hour Woman” and current release “The Minus Man,” as possible ideas for TV series. Meistrich said the first batch of TSG TV projects will get off the ground in the coming months.

NBC, CBS experience

In a career spanning more than two decades in the TV business, Kane has served as a network exec at NBC and CBS, super-vising or developing “Saturday Night Live” and “The Late Show with David Letterman,” among other programming.

Kane ran his own TV production company with Mike Ogiens in the late ’80s and early ’90s before joining MTM.

Kane was brought to the attention of Meistrich by Dee Snyder, the former Twisted Sister front man who starred in TSG’s “StrangeLand” and developed a television series with Kane while Kane was at MTM. That project may now be revived with TSG Television. Snyder also recommended current TSG Records president Phil Carson.

HQ in Gotham

TSG TV will be based in Shooting Gallery’s Gotham production facility Gun For Hire, along with TSG’s commercial and musicvideo division.

Upcoming Shooting Gallery releases include Laurence Fishburne’s directorial debut “Once in a Life,” and Kenny Lonergan’s “You Can Count on Me.”