Newsworld sharpening news focus

Canuck web shuffling sked

TORONTO — The CBC specialty news channel Newsworld is going back to its hard news roots.

“Our goal in the year ahead is to sharpen our live news programming, distribute news gathering and production more widely across Canada, and strengthen the regional reflection of the country,” said Tony Burman, the head of Canada’s wannabe CNN.

That translates into new shows out of Vancouver, Winnipeg and Montreal, longer newscasts at the beginning of each hour, and fewer resources for talk and analysis programming.

Non-news shows out

The popular “Pamela Wallin Live” has been cut from an hour to a half-hour show, and it is rumored that other Newsworld programs, such as “Big Life,” “On the Arts,” “CounterSpin” and “Hot Type,” may be merged or axed completely.

There will be “readjustments” affecting 25 jobs in Calgary and Halifax. This does not mean 25 layoffs, the company said.

Programming and staffing details for next season will not be finalized until mid-summer. Other specifics of the pubcaster’s new strategy will be presented later this month at Canadian broadcast regulator hearings on the company’s next seven-year license term.