The NAACP this week is expected to announce its long-anticipated boycott of at least one major broadcast network during the November sweeps.

A boycott would signify the next round of the NAACP’s campaign to increase diversity within the major networks’ primetime lineups.

Details of the NAACP’s plans are sketchy, with no formal press conference having been announced. But sources say a boycott would probably include NBC.

A recent study by the Beverly Hills/Hollywood chapter of the NAACP showed that the Peacock network’s series employed the least number of African-American show writers — just one out of 189 positions.

NAACP President Kweisi Mfume shook the TV industry last summer when he criticized the networks for creating a “virtual whitewash” in primetime. The group noted that none of the four major networks’ new series included a minority character in a lead role.

At the time, Mfume said the NAACP would consider boycotting one or more of the networks if their concerns weren’t addressed.

Since then, Mfume has met with execs at ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox.

For their part, the networks scrambled in the weeks before the fall launches to add more minority characters to series that had been criticized as too white, such as ABC’s “Wasteland.”

NAACP officials were unavailable, and the networks declined comment.