‘Mrs. World’ goes to Jerusalem

Producers hope for Middle East peace

NEW YORK — The producers of “The 1999 Mrs. World Pageant” are hoping December is peaceful in the Middle East because they’ve chosen Jerusalem as the location site for the taping of the two-hour TV event.

David Marmel, executive producer of the pageant, said that in his four trips to Israel, he’s found Jerusalem to be one of the safest cities he’s ever visited.

Jeff Weill of Weill & Associates, the New York-based rep of the Israeli Tourist Commission, said Jerusalem is aggressively seeking more events like “Mrs. World,” which Marmel Entertainment will tape at the Jerusalem theater on Dec. 2 for a Dec. 18 primetime airing on Pax TV.

One of the hosts is Downtown Julie Brown. The male co-host is to be announced. Jeff Androsky will direct.

“I can’t think of a better location to tape an event on the eve of the millennium,” Marmel said, “than the place where time began.”

Marmel and Weiss said the event won’t go out live because there are too many tourists in Jerusalem on December 18, seven days from the birth date of Jesus Christ. Also, the six-hour time difference would force the show to begin at 3 a.m. in Jerusalem.