Mouse brands UPN kidvid

'Whomptastic' renamed 'Disney's One Too'

The Mouse has changed its philosophy toward UPN’s new Disney-produced kidvid program block, renaming the “Whomptastic” series of programs “Disney’s One Too.”

Originally, the “Whomptastic” name was designed to give the two-hour block an identity distinct from “Disney’s One Saturday Morning,” the Saturday ayem lineup of kiddie shows airing on Disney-owned ABC. But with the UPN block airing some of the same sets of shows from Sunday through Friday, programming execs reversed course, deciding to capitalize on the already-successful brand identity the programs have achieved on the Alphabet web.

“Since the new block included several hit series from the Saturday lineup, it makes sense to brand them with the ‘One’ umbrella and create a stronger brand for both lineups,” said Mort Marcus, prexy of Buena Vista Television.

The new block will debut on UPN and in syndication on Sept. 6 and will include such shows as “Disney’s Doug,” “Recess” and “Hercules.”