UPN could be considering a move to replace its “Blockbuster Video’s Shockwave Cinema” with series on Fridays.

The weblet will rebroadcast its Tuesday lineup — the new Bruce Nash reality skein “I Dare You,” the raunchy sitcom “Shasta” and the animated series “Dilbert” — on Friday, Jan. 21, instead of the usual movie franchise.

All three installments will be repeats (including the series premiere of “I Dare You”) that originally aired just three days earlier in their normal timeslots on Jan. 17.

UPN execs may be looking for ways to get a better promotional boost out of its highest-rated skein, the Thursday night “WWF Smackdown!” By airing movies on Friday, UPN isn’t taking advantage of “Smackdown’s” potential to boost its series’ performances.

UPN’s lineup of Tuesday shows could see a good jolt by airing just one day (rather than five) after “Smackdown.” “Dilbert” remains the lowest-rated skein on network television, while “Shasta” (formerly “Shasta McNasty”) has yet to catch on with its target young male audience, despite UPN’s infatuation with the show.

A schedule juggle could also open up time slots for midseason series including the Tom Fontana/Barry Levinson cop drama “The Beat.”