HSX: B.O. report will still be ‘Access’able on TV

Virtual stock battle continues

The battle of the virtual stock market continued Monday, after a weekend where studios claimed victory with the apparent demise of the Hollywood Stock Exchange segment “Battle @ the Box Office” on newsmag “Access Hollywood.”

Now, according to representatives at HSX, a meeting with NBC over the content of the weekly briefing went well, and the segment will continue to run as scheduled on Fridays with no major change in content for the show.

“HSX is still very much on the air, providing fans with the content they would expect of us,” said one person close to the company.

Studios miffed

Studios were upset over weekend box office predictions on the show, claiming that a poor forecast would drive away potential viewers. Execs were also concerned that a rival studio could, in theory, go online and purchase mass amounts of shares to drive up the value of movie stocks.

In an effort to stop the forecasts, distributors then threatened to boycott the strip by pulling previews and footage from the show in protest.

Virtual trading

Traders on HSX buy and sell virtual “stock” in celebrities, movies and other entertainment properties using “Hollywood Dollars.” Those “stocks” then rise and fall depending on the gross the properties pull in. The digital media company currently provides over 800,000 consumers a month with online entertainment information.

An insider close to the show, however, said the segment would “be tinkered with” before its second airing this week so as to not upset distributors.

Studio execs said they would wait to see what, if anything, would be changed before taking any action.