BERLIN — After months of negotiations, the rights to the Champion’s League, the European football super league, have gone to a surprise contender: a women’s channel called TM-3 that is 66% owned by Rupert Murdoch.

TM-3 will pay DM 200 million ($108 million) per season for the rights, a price other stations were balking at.

Champion’s League matches have been broadcast for the past seven years on commercial web RTL.

“This guarantees that German soccer fans will continue to be able to watch the main UEFA Champion’s League games on Wednesday nights for free,” Gerhard Aigner, the UEFA secretary general, said in a statement.

Since Murdoch came on board late last year, TM-3, which is jointly owned by the Munich-based media entrepreneur Herbert Kloiber, has begun to emerge from under the heap.

The channel’s afternoon sked has been revamped with children’s programming. And TM-3 reportedly plans to start three pay TV channels by the end of the year.