Major advertisers banded together Thursday in an attempt to persuade networks to air more family programming with the first Family Friendly Program Awards.

By honoring this year’s winners, WB’s “7th Heaven,” CBS’s “Touched by an Angel,” ABC’s “TGIF” lineup and cabler the Discovery Channel, the 33 advertisers, who call themselves the Forum, hoped to spread the word that nets need to create more shows that appeal to parents and children.

“The Cosby Show” received a Lifetime Achievement Award in the ceremonies at the Beverly Hilton hotel.

“There aren’t enough programs on the air that can be viewed by the entire family where they won’t be shocked or embarrassed by what they see,” said Johnson & Johnson advertising VP Andrea Alstrup. “This may be the only time we’ll try to sell you the same thing, shows that the entire family can enjoy.”

From a taped clip, Hillary Clinton applauded the Forum’s efforts.

The WB netlet and the Forum have pacted to develop more family pilot scripts.

The Forum’s advertisers include AT&T, General Motors, IBM, Proctor & Gamble, Sears, Pfizer, Warner-Lambert and Wendy’s Intl.