Just a week after announcing that Mickey Mouse will make his video games debut, Disney Interactive has added Donald Duck and “Jungle Book” characters to cash in on the lucrative $6.3 billion industry.

Disney Interactive Inc. has inked a multi-million dollar deal with gamemaker Ubi Soft Entertainment to create titles for Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s N64 and Game Boy systems.

Ubi Soft will develop, produce and distribute “several adventure entertainment titles” featuring other undisclosed Disney characters. The first games are expected to hit retailers’ shelves in fall 2000 for the Game Boy Color, PlayStation, and Nintendo 64 systems.

“Ubi Soft is pleased with this new relationship and looks forward to delivering titles that capture the emotions, charisma and personality of each Disney character,” said Ubi Soft CEO Yves Guillemont.

Long a player in developing and licensing video game and CD-ROM titles, Disney is now heavily expanding its library to cash in on an industry expected to top $7 billion this year.

“Disney Interactive’s agreement with Ubi Soft represents our continued aggressive push into the video game and Game Boy Color markets,” said Jan Smith, senior veep and general manager of Disney Interactive.

Earlier this month, Disney Interactive signed a deal with Nintendo of America Inc.-owned gamemaker Rare Ltd. (“Goldeneye 007”) to publish titles featuring Mickey Mouse for the N64 and Game Boy Color systems in time for Christmas.The first two Game Boy titles released this fall will be “Beauty and the Beast” and “Alice in Wonderland.” Disney Interactive is getting ready to release games for “Tarzan,” “A Bug’s Life,” and “Toy Story 2” from gamemaker Activision Inc. for PlayStation and N64.

Ubi Soft is also creating titles based on Warner Bros.’ animated “New Adventures of Batman” series.